Here are three options for you that I recommend to get help with Florida 2024 Medicare insurance plan enrollment.

Whether you’re brand-new to Medicare, such as soon turning 65, or you currently have a Medicare Advantage Plan or Supplement Plan and it’s the Annual Enrollment Period, where would you go for help?

A. You might search the government websites, and there are many, and try to search on your own the many questions that need answering for your current Medicare situation.
B. You might ask your friends or relatives what they are doing and base your decisions on their experience.
C. You might contact a Medicare insurance agent, preferably also a broker, to help you understand Medicare, search for the right Medicare program, and get help with enrolling in a 2024 Florida Medicare plan that best fits your needs and budget.

As a Florida Medicare agent and broker, I recommend you use “C” above. I also strongly recommend you use me, your Florida Medicare Insurance Broker and Agent, for enrollment help. It’s crucial that in today’s Medicare confusion, you educate yourself so that you understand all of your 2024 Medicare options and the differences between them. As a Medicare broker agent, I also act as an advisor to you to help prepare you to make the right decisions based on your particular health needs and individual situation.

The good news is that other options are available to you besides using a Medicare broker/agent like myself. This is especially true if you are a do-it-yourself type of person. Assuming that you understand the basics of Medicare and the different Medicare options that are available to you and have the resources such as a computer or tablet with access to the Internet, I suggest you consider using one of the following three options:

Option 1 – Open a do-it-yourself website, search 2024 advantage plans, and enroll yourself directly with the insurance company.

Option 2 – Request a quote for up to three Florida 2024 Medicare Advantage plans and enroll yourself directly with the insurance company.

Option 3 – Use a Florida Medicare insurance broker to help you understand your 2024 Florida Medicare options to help with enrollment. With this option, I will personally review 2024 Medicare plans, so you thoroughly understand your Medicare Options, one-on-one review of Medicare Plans, and enroll you in the plan that best fits your needs and budget.

Detail Implementation of Each Option

Option 1 Implementation:

For Option 1 Implementation, Click the tab below to go to a separate website. This will take you to my do-it-yourself PlanEnroll website. Here, you will find many resources to help you better understand Medicare and review 2024 plans. Click the Do-It-Yourself tab below:

Option 2 Implementation:

Option 2 Implementation A Quote Request is a two-step process to receive up to three Medicare insurance quotes.

First, I will need information from you to receive an accurate Florida 2024 Medicare Insurance quote.

The easiest way for me to obtain your information is for you to click on the tab below. A form to fill out will open. (You can type in the form or complete it by hand) After you fill in your information on the form, just save this completed form to your computer. Then, email your completed file to my secure email account at

Email your completed form to:

Subject: “Free Medicare Insurance Quote”

Second, after I complete your quote for up to three Medicare Advantage Plans, you will receive the quote with instructions on how to complete your enrollment directly with the insurance company.

Option 3 Implementation:

Option 3 Implementation Use Don’s free Medicare Agent/Broker Services. For those new to Medicare, or soon turning 65, or leaving a company plan, or qualifying for special enrollment, it is crucial for you to use a Medicare insurance broker.

One of the greatest challenges I have as a Medicare insurance agent and advisor is to help people fully understand Medicare and Medicare options. I do this with a person-to-person telephone conference call explaining the parts of Medicare, the various options and costs that are available in Medicare, and the potential penalties for noncompliance with Medicare rules.

On our conference call, we will review the major parts of Medicare:

Part A hospital insurance.
Part B medical insurance.
Part C Medicare Advantage plans.
Part D Medicare prescription drug coverage.
Medicare supplement plans (Medigap) policies.
Differences between Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans.

The easiest way for you to begin services with me as a Medicare broker and insurance agent is to complete and submit the form below for help:

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Below are just a few of the Questions that I can answer – Just ask me.

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