DIY Self Enroll

Search for Medicare Plans & Enroll Yourself

This is an easy do-it-yourself search for Medicare plans, choose a plan that fits your budget and needs, and enroll in that plan.

NOTE: This program is used for Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. If you want to search for a Medicare Supplement Plan, please call me at (561) 322-5211 and I will provide a list of Supplement plans for you to choose. It helps to have myself, as your Medicare Advisor, to review the many options of Medicare Supplement Plans.

Let’s Get Started Below!

For Advantage and Prescription plans, you have three options offered to you:

A. search for a Medicare plan

B. go to the insurance providers website and enroll in that plan

C. or, at any time contact me, Insurance Agent & Medicare Advisor.

First download the “View Medicare Plans Guide” below (this is a .pdf file).

>>Download Now>View Medicare Plans Guide

Second – Open the to go to the Medicare Center website to begin your search. Use the View Medicare Plans Guide (.pdf file) that you just downloaded as a guide to navigate the Medicare Center (

Third – When you choose a plan that meets your needs and budget, send it to your “Cart” to enroll, and you will be directed to the Insurance Provider’s enrollment site to complete your enrollment (Note: do not use the Aetna’s form but contact Don Rousseau at (561) 322-5211 to enroll).

In case you are not able to download the View Medicare Plans Guide .pdf file, below is a summary without the illustrations:

1. You have a choice to either “Get Started” (to go directly to search for your plan) and go to No. 3 below, or

2. “Create Account” with your information to later come back to your account in the future, and then click “Continue” then click “Return to Plan Compare” then click “Get Started.” (Also, by listing your prescriptions, the cost of your prescriptions are estimated and included in your total cost by plan – If you sent me a listing of prescriptions, I most likely have listed already on your quoted plans)

3. Then Search and find the plan you want, add it to your “Cart”.  Then click the “Enroll” button to be taken to the insurance provider’s website to enroll. Follow the instructions of the insurance provider’s enrollment form and complete the form then check the signature (which acts as your signature – NOTE: some plans do you require a signature, just to check to accept).

4.  On HMO plans you must add a primary physician (PHP). On other plans, it is a good idea if you have a PHP. Each provider has a little different way of getting the name of a PHP, but you will be directed to the provider’s website.  Follow the paths that lead to a search by zip code, or if you know the name of your PHP, then search by name.  You the should copy and paste the PHP name and asked for codes from the provider’s website to the website that you have been using to complete your enrollment.  (Be careful not to continue on the provider’s website as this will take you to the beginning of an enrollment in another website) Call me if you have questions.

When you have completed enrollment and can download your application for your files.

Please email me about your experience and any recommendations for improvement. I appreciate serving as your advisor and agent.

It’s easier than you think to find plans and enroll online!  And you can call me with questions.
This do-it-yourself Plan Finder & Online Application Tool (which you will see at the Medicare Center) can be used to review current Medicare Insurance Plans in your area.  You can review a summary of each plan that is available.  Then you can pick up to three plans at a time to review side-by-side.  If you find a plan that fits your need and budget, you can click on the plan and enroll online in the plan you select.

Note: By law every person that applies for a Medicare policy must have an agent as part of their policy.  You either choose your agent by going directly through him or her or the insurance company assigns one of their agents to your policy without you knowing who he or she is.  This is also true of the large national Medicare online services.

So, for you to be better in control I recommend you know who your agent so you can contact him or her anytime.  If you want to apply online, go up to the top of this page and follow the directions and enroll in a plan that best fits you.   I will then be assigned to you as your agent and Medicare Advisor.  You will have the advantage of knowing  me as your agent and how to directly contact me for assistance now and in the future.

If you have any challenges filling out the online enrollment form, just call me.  I am as close as your telephone.  You may also call me at any time now or throughout the year for assistance or with any Medicare Questions.

Love to hear from you.  Send me an Email on know how you made out with your application at

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now… Go to the Top of This Page and Follow the Instructions.