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1. Get free professional consultation on all your Medicare questions.

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3. Learn about Medicare & plan choices.

4.Get competitive prices  from various insurance companies to meet your needs and budget.

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Medicare Plans & Premiums change every year, and it’s important to search for Medicare plans each year with My Medicare Search.  If you are new to Medicare in Florida or just have questions about your current plan, here is the place to start. Call me now. 

You’ll learn about Medicare and how to search for Medicare options from a licensed insurance agent plus get competitive prices from various insurance companies to meet your needs and budget.

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My Medicare Search is just the place for you to Find Medicare  Answers.  Licensed Insurance Agent to guide you through the Medicare maze. No Charge for professional services. Review many insurance companies and compare premiums. Search, Review & Apply in One Place.

My Medicare Search for Florida residents has a mission to be the most trusted Medicare resource by providing unbiased comparisons of the many health insurance options available while helping Medicare recipients and their families make educated healthcare decisions.

 Want to know what’s available to you?

My Medicare Search is just the place for you to find all the answers to your Medicare and insurance questions. I am here to help you and do not charge for services.

My Medicare Search for Florida residents has a mission to be the most trusted Medicare resource for you. I promise to provide my best service to help you identify an insurance plan that’s best for you.

My Medicare Search offers:

  • no fees for consultation services
  • convenient online personal insurance advisor
  • telephone consultations
  • free plan comparisons
  • prescription drug plan analysis

My Medicare Search Insurance Plans:

  • Medicare Advantage Part C plans
  • Medicare Supplement Medigap plans
  • Medicare stand-alone prescription drug  Part D plans
  • also availableother health insurance protections

Do you need Medicare insurance in Florida?

You can do the search for yourself by going online or by calling insurance companies and sorting out all the differences to try and determine what is best for you.  Or you can get help by using free consultation by an experienced health insurance agent.  All information will be furnished by telephone and through email directly to you in your home or office.

This convenient way of serving you is what most customers appreciate today.  Although we sometimes make house calls as special needs dictate (like not having internet services) most customers appreciate the efficiency of online service.

My goal is to serve you by offering the best service and educating  you about Medicare options to reach a right decision that fits your needs and budget.

What Do You Have To Lose?

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Why Should I Use a Medicare Advisor

Just so you know who we are: represents independent agents that are not bound by only one insurance company. Captive agents can only sell from one insurance company. Independent agents can sell from a variety of insurance companies providing competitive services to their customers. The benefit to the customer is obvious. Quotes from different insurance companies, with the various and different provisions by company, afford more choices to the customer.

How do we get paid? does not charge fees for consultations or advice. We are not associated with the government and do not rely on government grants for funding. As agents we do not have to make a living by our customers and clients. We are contracted with many insurance carriers who pay us directly if we help you enroll in an insurance plan.

Also, Medicare requires each insurance company to pay the same commission, so there is no incentive to suggest one plan over another.  The customer does not pay any more or less by using us, as we are compensated totally by the insurance carriers. We are independent advisors and consultants and do not work for an insurance company. We are able to provide you with the best advice as possible and any recommendations are made in your best interest. Many times, people call us for advice, and we recommend that the current plan is still the best option.

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Hi, I’m Don Rousseau, and have been a licensed health insurance agent for almost a decade.  I come from a diverse business background. I started out as a teenager my father’s service station business and learned how to serve others by pumping gasoline and washing car windows.  I quickly learned the challenges of owning a family business.  After college, I joined a large corporation as an accountant and business analyst.  Following my corporate experience, I started several small businesses in various industries.

As an owner of a small businesses, I gained an appreciation of what it means to serve the customer. During this period, I also went back to school and became a commissioned minister.  I still serve in that capacity as a semi-retired lay minister for the Lutheran Church. Since I do not receive any remuneration as a church volunteer Lutheran lay minister, and I no longer had other business interests, I began looking for another occupation that will support my wife and me.

When my son-in-law, who owns an insurance agency here in Florida, asked me if I wanted to sell insurance, I quickly said I didn’t want to sell anything. He quickly responded by saying, “good, I’m not looking for salesman, I’m looking for someone who wants to help others.” That’s me. Everything that I have done I pride myself in helping others.

So, in 2012 I became a licensed insurance agent. I started out as an independent agent, but when the Affordable Care Act was passed beginning in 2014 this changed the dynamics of individual health insurance. With Florida Blue being one of the largest health insurance companies in Florida, I decided it would be best to go captive with Florida Blue. I projected that Obama Care would quickly change the health insurance industry. And I was right.

Although I sold Medicare insurance policies through Florida Blue, as a captive agent I was limited to only one company for my customers. So, I decided to go independent. It was a great decision. Now I am able to offer competitive proposals and once again help others reach decisions that best fit their budgets and need.

I look forward to personally assisting anyone who is trying to make a Medicare decision. If you’re someone who will soon be turning 65 or someone considering a change during the Annual Enrollment Period, I want to help you in your Medicare search. Trying to decide which Medicare plan is right for you is an extremely important decision and help by a knowledgeable licensed agent is a valuable asset.

If you allow me to serve you, I promise you the best support and honest effort to put you first in any recommendation that I may make and, I look forward to being your personal health insurance advisor, counselor and agent.

I am committed to providing the best and most honest service to my clients.  I put you first.

My goal is to serve you and provide additional value to you wherever possible.



Love to hear from you.    Give me a call (561) 322-5211 or (850) 502-8425.   Or, Just fill out the fast response form below:

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“I was able to sign up for online”

Don – It was a pleasure to meet you at the Niceville Walgreens.  Just a note to thank you for assisting me with my Mom’s Medicare Part D prescription plan which I was able to sign up for online.  I look forward to working with you in the future on Mom’s plans, as well as my own upcoming needs.

Thanks again,

Diana G.

Diana G.