Do you need a Medicare Broker near you in Florida to help you choose a 2024 plan?

Are you looking for the right Florida Medicare Broker near you to help Make Medicare Easy and meet your healthcare needs? If yes, then choose a local Medicare Broker near you.

Hi, I am Don Rousseau, and I am honored to be your Local Florida Medicare Insurance Broker in your area.  I am as close to you as your phone, and you are in my office through a most secure Internet connection. You stay at home, and I bring my office to your computer.

I will personally help you:

– Understand Medicare and its options and benefits;

– Search and compare Medicare Advantage Plans, Supplement Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans in your area;

– Enroll in the right Medicare plan that best fits your needs and budget.

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What to not do when looking for Medicare Insurance.

Don’t call telephone numbers from TV Medicare Ads!
Even if you like the personality promoting the TV ad,
Why be connected to an agent you don’t know?
Don’t respond to unsolicited Medicare telephone ads!
Even though you hear about so-called wonderful benefits,
Why be connected to an agent you don’t know?
Why Should I Use a Medicare Broker?

I am directly available all year by telephone, email, or website.

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Alachua | 6 Insurance Co. with 49 PlansHardee | 6 Insurance Co. with 42PlansOkeechobee 6 Insurance Co. with 36 Plans
Baker | 7 Insurance Co. with 47 PlansHendry | 6 Insurance Co. with 33 Plans Orange | 7 Insurance Co. with 71 Plans
Bay | 6 Insurance Co. with 51 PlansHernando | 7 Insurance Co. with 71 PlansOsceola | 7 Insurance Co. with 71 Plans
Bradford | 6 Insurance Co. with 42 PlansHighlands | 6 Insurance Co. with 53 PlansPalm Beach | 7 Insurance Co. with 69 Plans
Brevard | 8 Insurance Co. with 61 PlansHillsborough| 7 Insurance Co with 75 PansPasco | 7 Insurance Co. with 71 Plans
Broward | 7 Insurance Co. with 71 PlansHolmes | 6 Insurance Co. with 34 PlansPinellas | 7Insurance Co. with 72 Plans
Calhoun | 6 Insurance Co. with 36 PlansIndian River 7 Insurance Co. with 62 PlansPolk | 7 Insurance Co. with 72 Plans
Charlotte | 6 Insurance Co. with 63 PlansJackson | 6 Insurance Co. with 34 PlansPutnam | 6 Insurance Co. with 47 Plans
Citrus | 6 Insurance Co. with 54 PlansJefferson | 6 Insurance Co. with 36 Plans Santa Rosa | 7 Insurance Co. with 59 Plans
Clay | 8 Insurance Co. with 68 PlansLafayette | 6 Insurance Co. with 36 PlansSarasota | 6 Insurance Co. with 63 Plans
Collier | 6 Insurance Co. with 60 PlansLake | 7 Insurance Co. with 73 PlansSeminole | 8 Insurance Co. with 74 Plans
Columbia | 6 Insurance Co. with 45 PlansLee | 6 Insurance Co. with 61 PlansSaint Johns| 9 Insurance Co. with 61 Plans
DeSoto | 6 Insurance Co. with 43 PlansLeon | 6 Insurance Co. with29 PlansSaint Lucie | 6 Insurance Co. with 59 Plans
Dixie | 6 Insurance Co. with 36 PlansLevy | 6 Insurance Co. with 41 PlansSumter | 7 Insurance Co. with 73 Plans
Duval | 8 Insurance Co. with 69 PlansLiberty |6 Insurance Co. with 36 PlansSuwanneer | 6 Insurance Co. with 36 Plans
Escambia | 7 Insurance Co with 59 PlansMadison |6 Insurance Co. with 34 PlansTaylor | 6 Insurance Co. with 34 Plans
Flagler | 8 Insurance Co. with 67 PlansManatee | 6 Insurance Co. with 65 PlansUnion | 6 Insurance Co. with 36 Plans
Franklin | 6 Insurance Co. with 36 PlansMarion | 7Insurance Co. with 75 PlansVolusia | 8 Insurance Co. with 68 Plans
Gadsden | 6 Insurance Co. with 36 PlansMartin | 6 Insurance Co. with 53 PlansWakulla | 6 Insurance Co. with 36 Plans
Gilchrist | 6 Insurance Co. with 36 PlansMiami-Dade| 7 Insurance Co. with 68 PlansWalton | 7 Insurance Co. with 51 Plans
Glades | 6 Insurance. Co. with 36 PlansMonroe | 6 Insurance Co. with 19 PlansWashington| 6 Insurance Co. with 34 Plans
Gulf | 6 Insurance Co. with 34 PlansNassau | 7 Insurance Co. with 50 Plans
Hamilton | 6 Insurance Co. with 36 PlansOkaloosa |6 Insurance Co. with 49 Plans

Why use me as your Local Florida Medicare Broker?

Working with a local Medicare Advantage plan broker near you can help provide key advantages in your decision-making process. From personalized guidance to comprehensive market knowledge, as a local broker serving Florida, I can offer invaluable assistance in navigating the complex world of Medicare for your area.

The options for Medicare Advantage plans can be overwhelming. Having a local Florida Medicare Broker on your side means having access to their expertise and insights tailored to your location.

I can provide detailed information on the available plans in your area, helping you make an informed choice that best suits your healthcare requirements and budget.

Moreover, working with a local broker allows for face-to-face interactions, which can build trust and foster a more personalized experience. It lets your questions be answered directly, ensuring a clear understanding of different Medicare Advantage plans’ coverage options and benefits.

Don’t underestimate the importance of local knowledge and expertise when selecting your Medicare Advantage plan. By partnering with me, your local Florida broker, you can gain the confidence and assurance that you’re making the right decision for your area healthcare needs.

Below is an outline of how together we navigate Medicare

  • Telephone conference with you to review and understand your five Medicare options.
    • Medicare is very complicated and complex. It is important that you understand how Medicare works and the different types of Medicare plans and options in your area that are available to you in Florida. A wrong Medicare decision now will most likely affect your future.
  • Collect information from you to analyze and complete my recommendations for you.
    • It is important to note what a Medicare plan offers and whether it is your best choice.
    • To do this, I will gather information about your prescriptions and the doctors you use. This information is then entered into a computer program that analyzes the projected costs of every plan. This enables you to determine which plan will be most favorable to you based on your particular health issues.
  • Telephone conference with you to review recommendations and choose a plan that works best for you.
    • After I receive your personal health information, prescriptions, and doctor names, I will review with you the Medicare plans that are best for you in .
  • I will enroll you in the Florida plan you choose that best meets your needs and budget.
    • After you and I have reviewed the plans and prices, enrollment in your chosen plan can be completed. 
    • I use an online enrollment system that reduces the possibility of errors and smoothly and quickly completes your enrollment in a matter of minutes.  
    • All of this is done remotely using your telephone, computer, laptop, or tablet. In the comfort of your home, and without a personal visit, together you will see my presentation on your computer or tablet while we converse separately by telephone – for two-way security (it’s better than you traveling to my office or me coming to your home).

I only serve the state of Florida locally with its eight Regions and 67 Counties. As a Medicare Broker for Florida, I am Licensed to sell up to 9 Medicare insurance organizations with up to 75 plans for 2024.

Instead of contacting me now, you can go directly to the do-it-yourself website by clicking “See Plans Now” by zip code:

(Even if you want to use me as your Florida Medicare Insurance Broker and Advisor, you still might want to check out the above do-it-yourself website. Then go to “Learning Center,” and you will find many Medicare articles, videos, and other valuable information.)

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Your Choice:

Whether using my help and assistance as your Medicare Broker-Advisor or doing it yourself, you can review various insurance companies and plans to make your best choice for a Medicare Plan in Florida.

More information about my Broker services and how I help you.

Many very happy clients all giving a thumbs-up using a Medicare broker

As your Medicare broker, I will help you choose the kind of Medicare insurance service that best fits your needs and budget. At, I am your Medicare Broker-Advisor and Agent who is AHIP (government) certified and has additional training and certifications from all the Medicare insurance companies I represent. I serve all my clients and am ready to serve you. If I cannot, I will only move you to another professional broker advisor. I am as near you as your telephone and as close to you as your Internet connection.

If you choose not to do it yourself, you can Contact Me by telephone or through the contact form on this website and use my free and full service as your Medicare Broker-Advisor. Or, if you want to do it yourself, go to the Do-It-Yourself tab at the top of this website to be sent to a separate Do-It-Yourself website. Together, we will make Medicare easy.

You can also contact me at (561) 559-7153 if you’d like to discuss further which choice is best for you in Florida.

The following is more information about me and what I can do for you as your Medicare agent, broker, and advisor.

I will personally research Medicare plans for Florida to help you choose your best Medicare plan.  As a Medicare Insurance Broker and Advisor, you will receive the best service I have to offer absolutely free. I do not charge for any of my services

But how do you know that I will be your best Medicare broker-advisor?

  • I am a licensed health insurance agent in Florida and serve only Florida. I live in Florida and consider all Floridians as my neighbors, and I will treat you as my neighbor and friend. Also, I will only handle a limited number of clients to provide you with the best possible service.
  • I adhere to the rules of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and, for over fourteen years, have been annually tested and certified by the AHIP, the industry-recognized certification to sell Medicare Advantage plans.
  • I have over a decade of health insurance experience and have limited my profession to serving only Medicare clients.

As a Medicare insurance agent and broker representing major Medicare insurance companies in Florida, I will work as your personal consultant. Together, we will accomplish the following four basic steps:

  1. Together, I will conduct a personal, one-on-one, in-depth presentation of Medicare and the five Medicare options so you can make an informed decision about Medicare.
  2. I will collect specific information from you, such as your list of prescriptions, names of current doctors or doctors you prefer, and other data necessary to analyze and complete for Florida a formal Medicare presentation explicit for you.
  3. Together, we will review the recommendations to narrow the plan or plans that best fit your needs and budget, and
  4. Together, we will then enroll you in the plan that you choose.

Additional Services: As your Medicare Broker-Advisor, I am available all year and as close to you as your telephone. If you enroll through me, I will be your Agent of Record. This means I can work on your behalf with your insurance company.

In summary:

  1. Get free professional consultation and help on
    • In answering your Medicare questions.
    • Understanding all your Florida Medicare Options and Benefits.
    • Choosing the right Medicare Plan.
    • Enroll directly with the insurance company for the Medicare plan you choose.
  2. Receiving competitive Medicare pricing analysis when needed, such as moving to a new county.
  3. Using all my free Medicare Broker-Advisor services.
  4. As your Agent of Record – acting as your representative with your Medicare insurance company.
  5. I am always available to prepare analyses and comparisons of Florida Medicare Plans, especially during the Annual Enrollment Period of October 15 through December 7.

Medicare Plans & Premiums change every year, and it’s important to search for Medicare plans each year with My Medicare Search.  If you are new to Medicare in County or just have questions about your current plan, continue reading or Call me now. 

You’ll learn about Medicare and how to search for Medicare options from a licensed insurance agent plus get competitive prices from various insurance companies to meet your needs and budget.

Senior Couple Making Medicare Easy by Using Laptop with My Medicare Search

My Medicare Search is where you can Find the Right Medicare  Answers.  As a Licensed Insurance Agent and Medicare Broker-Advisor in Florida, I can guide you through the Medicare maze. There are No Charges for my professional services. I will review many insurance companies and compare premiums. Search, Review & Apply in One Place.

My Medicare Search for Florida residents aims to be the most trusted Medicare resource by providing unbiased comparisons of the many health insurance options available and helping Medicare recipients and their families make educated healthcare decisions.

 Want to know what’s available to you?

Fill out the “Start Here” request for more information or call me on the telephone. My Medicare Search is the place to find answers to your Medicare and insurance questions.

My Medicare Search offers:

  • no fees for consolation services
  • convenient online personal Medicare broker and insurance advisor
  • telephone consultations
  • free plan comparisons
  • prescription drug plan analysis

My Medicare Search Insurance Plans:

  • Medicare Advantage Part C plans
  • Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans
  • Medicare stand-alone prescription drug  Part D plans
  • also availableother health insurance protections

Do you need Medicare insurance in Florida?

If you believe you do not need my services, you can search for yourself online or by calling insurance companies and sorting out all the differences to try and determine what is best for you. If this is you, you do not have to do all the Internet work yourself. Remember you can go to this free do-it-yourself online search and enrollment website be

(While using the do-it-yourself online search and enrollment, you can always telephone if you have questions about the program)

Please NOTE that after trying the do-it-yourself search and enrollment, you can change your mind and call me or fill out the START HERE form. You can get free help by using my services as your personal Medicare Broker-Advisor and consultant.

My Medicare Search uses the latest technology to make servicing clients even more accessible than in the past. No visits are required either for the agent to go to the client’s home or for the client to come to the agent’s office. For each Florida, My Medicare Search uses a virtual visit with the client using their computer, tablet, and telephone. It’s like being in my office but with you at home.

Communication by computer and telephone are two separate connections used for added security. First, a telephone connection is established between the client and the agent. Second, the client’s computer, laptop, or tablet is connected to the agent’s computer screen through the Internet. Using separate systems, telephone for sound and computer (Internet) for visual, two levels of security are provided with separate video and audio connections. This makes it double easy. You don’t have to straighten up your house; I won’t be there. You don’t have to dress up. I won’t see you. It’s just more accessible and more efficient all around.

My clients appreciate this secure and convenient way of serving you: the efficiency of seperatly using telephone and online services. 

I aim to serve you by offering the best service and educating you about your Florida Medicare options to reach the right decision that fits your needs and budget.

Get Started Now…..Please send me your Contact Info so we can make Medicare EASY!

There’s no obligation and no charge for my free services.

Are You Frustrated with Medicare?
Are You Frustrated with Medicare?
Why Should I Use a Medicare Advisor
Why Should I Use a Medicare Advisor?

Why Should I Use a Medicare Broker?
Why Should I Use a Medicare Broker?

So that you know who we are: represents independent agents who are brokers who are not bound by only one insurance company. Captive agents can only sell from one insurance company. Independent brokers can sell through various insurance companies, providing competitive services to their clients. The benefit to the customer is evident. Quotes from different insurance companies, with various company benefits, afford the client more choices.

How do we get paid? does not charge fees for consultations or advice. We are not associated with the government and do not rely on government grants for funding. As agents, we do not have to make a living by charging our clients. We are contracted with many insurance carriers who pay us directly if we help you enroll in an insurance plan.

Also, the government controls Medicare commissions to insurance agents, so there is no incentive to suggest one plan over another.  The customer does not pay any more or less premium by using an agent or going directly to the insurance company. Agents are compensated totally by the insurance carriers. We are independent advisors and consultants and do not work for an insurance company. We can provide you with the best advice possible, and any recommendations are made in your best interest. People often call us for advice, and we recommend that the current plan is still the best option.

More Personal Information about me

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Don Rousseau

Hi, I’m Don Rousseau. I have been a licensed health insurance agent for over ten years. I come from a diverse business background. As a teenager, I worked in my father’s service station business and learned how to serve others by pumping gasoline and washing car windows. I quickly learned the challenges of owning a family business. After college, I joined a large corporation as an accountant and business analyst. Following my corporate experience, I started several small businesses in various industries.

As the owner of a small business, I gained an appreciation of what it means to serve the customer. During this period, I also returned to school and became a commissioned minister. I still serve in that capacity as a semi-retired lay minister for the Lutheran Church. Since I did not receive any remuneration as a Lutheran Church Lay minister volunteer and no longer had other business interests, I began looking for another occupation to support my family.

When my son-in-law, who owns an insurance agency in Florida, asked me if I wanted to sell insurance, I quickly said I didn’t want to sell anything. He quickly responded, “Good, I’m not looking for a salesman; I’m looking for someone who wants to help others.” That’s me. In everything that I do, I pride myself on helping others.

So, in 2012, I became a licensed insurance agent. I started as an independent agent, but when the Affordable Care Act was passed, beginning in 2014, this changed the dynamics of individual health insurance. At that time, I was appointed by a large health insurance provider as a captive agent.

Although I sold Medicare insurance policies through this one provider as a captive agent, I was limited to only a few choices for my customers. So, in 2019, I decided to go independent and become a broker. It was a great decision. Now, I can offer competitive proposals and help others reach decisions that best fit their needs and budget.

I look forward to personally assisting you as you make your Medicare decisions. If you will soon be turning 65 or considering a change during the Annual Enrollment Period, I want to help you in your Medicare search. Trying to decide which Medicare plan is right for you is extremely important, and I want to help you.

If you allow me to serve you, I promise you the best support and honest effort to put you first in any recommendations I make. I look forward to being your personal health insurance broker, advisor, counselor, and agent.

I am committed to providing my clients with the best and most honest service.  I put you first.

I aim to serve you and provide additional value wherever possible.



Love to hear from you.    Give me a call at (561) 559-7153.   Or fill out the fast response form below:

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now…

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The following statement is now required by the Government: “We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options.”   (Although I do not offer all plans in your county, I am able to include many of these other plans for your review)

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