There are different Ways you can apply for a Medicare Card

1. If you are 64 and your company applies for you, you just need to check with your company, or wherever you’re employed, to see if they do provide you with a Medicare Card. Then your card should arrive before you turn 65.

2. If you are self-employed or not employed and are 64 years old, then you can apply online. Here is how to do that:

a) Go to the website below, then click “How to Apply Online for a Medicare Card” below. Then on this Government site click on “Sign up for Medicare” and then click “Apply Online”. Complete the signup for Parts A and B.

b) Make sure you keep your ID and Password and also the Reference Number after you enroll.


3. If you prefer to apply directly with Social Security. Their telephone number is (800) 772-1213.


4. If you are leaving your company and/or dis-enrolling from your company Group plan, then there are extra procedures required.

a) If you only have Medicare Part A, then you can apply online for Part B, which you did not need in your Group plan.

b. To apply for part B only, click below “How to Apply for a Medicare card (Part B Only” and go to Start Application to see instructions and complete.

(Note: there are two sections needed when you apply for a Part B only. One section is for your personal information. The other is for your employer to complete)


5. You can complete a paper application using two government forms and faxing these to Social Security. If this is preferred, I recommend you contact me and allow me to help you through this process.


6. If you would like direct assistance, please complete and send me your information below, and I will apply for a Medicare card with you. Also please call me for more assistance at (561) 559-7153. There is no charge for my services.

The above might sound complicated, but with my help we can Make It Easy!

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