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There are many benefits to using a broker and licensed Medicare insurance agent to help you understand the complexity of  searching and choosing a Medicare plan.  I have helped many satisfied customers – Please call me now.

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As a Medicare Insurance Broker-Advisor in your county, and acting as your personal consultant , I will work with you to thoroughly explain Medicare so you will understand the options that are available to you.  Together we will search Medicare options and plans. Then we will find a plan that best fits your needs and budget in your county. Then, if you choose, we can complete the application online in a matter of minutes. – AND YOU’RE DONE.

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1. Learn about the basics of Medicare and private insurance – I will help you understand the different parts of Medicare such as Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Prescription Drug Plans. From these discussions you will be better equipped to identify the options available to you and to decide on just the right plan.

2. Gather information necessary to determine the best recommendations.

3. Review Proposals & Choose a plan – together we will review insurance carriers and plans based upon your decision coupled with my recommendations. List Doctors and depending on plans list Prescriptions – gather a list of your current doctors and prescriptions, if appropriate, to verify coverage in a plan that you will choose.

4. Enroll in a planafter you and I have reviewed the plans and prices then enrollment in a plan you choose can be completed.  I use an online enrollment system that reduces the possibility of errors and smoothly and easily complete your enrollment in a matter of minutes.

Once you go through our 4-step process you will realize how easy it was versus what seemed like a confusing task to do Medicare search and enrollment. I want to continue to be your Medicare insurance advisor and partner to assist you in choosing the right plan at the right price year after year. Call me now with any questions.

On-Going:  Annual reviews – I don’t stop after enrollment.  During the open enrollment or special enrollment I provide my clients with an annual review to make sure you’re in the right plan at the lowest cost. It is extremely important that you review your Medicare plans each year. Many times, it’s recommended that you keep the same plan.  But often a different plan from the same carrier or a new plan from a different carrier might be your best option. Also, I am available throughout the year to answer any questions you might have about Medicare.

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