About Medicare has three drop-down sections:

Medicare Summary

Medicare Summary is a brief summary about your Medicare choices.  This briefly explains your choices at a glance and will help you determine which option is best for you.  Of course, after you know which Medicare option to choose, you might want to contact My Medicare Search.  I am able to provide you quotes from different insurance companies so you can compare the offers and premiums associated with the option you chose.

Medicare Detail

Medicare Detail provides greater detail about the various parts of Medicare.  Here you might want to review just the options which interest you.  Or, if you like detail, I recommend you review this section in its entirety.

Medicare Q & A 

Medicare Q & A have question/topics that help provide answers to most Medicare questions that are being asked. Use this as a guide to help you understand Medicare.

Please go back to the About Medicare page and click the drop-down sections to view each Medicare topic.

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