Why Use a Medicare Broker-Agent

Why Should You Use a Medicare Insurance Broker-Agent?  
Hi, my name is Don Rousseau, and I am a Medicare Insurance Broker-Agent.  

New to Medicare?  
If you’re new to Medicare, like soon turning 65 or leaving your company plan to go to Medicare, you have decisions to make. Decisions, such as how do I apply for a Medicare card or if I only have Part A, how do I get Part B. How do I find a plan; which Insurance company to use; what are my options and benefits? Are my doctors in the plan, and are my prescriptions covered?  And finally, what is the best plan with which Insurance company will best fit my needs and budget?  

Medicare Supplement Plans – Advantage Plans – Prescription Drug Plans – Options – Benefits  
It is crucial to understand Medicare and its options. For example.  Do I apply for a Medicare Supplement Plan, or is a Medicare Advantage Plan better for me? How does a prescription drug plan fit in? Should I use a PPO or HMO? What are the differences? Are all the benefits I want available in every plan? What benefits do I need?  

How do I find all the Medicare answers?  
How do I find all the answers to understand these Medicare challenges? Should I do it myself? Should I use a local agent? Or would I be better off using a Medicare Broker?  

What’s the difference between an agent and a Broker?
I’m glad you asked.   

A Captive Medicare Agent – One Insurance Company        
A captive Medicare agent is an agent that only represents one Insurance company. Being captive with one Insurance company means he or she will provide you with information from that one company only.  

A Medicare Broker – Many Insurance Companies  
A Medicare Insurance Broker is also an insurance agent representing several Insurance companies. Therefore, a Medicare Insurance Broker will be able to research several different companies to provide you with comparisons of various company plans to help you decide which company and plan is best for you.  

A Medicare Broker can also be a Medicare Advisor.  
Also, a Medicare Broker can be a Medicare Advisor.  He or she can provide free and reliable Medicare advice while assisting you in navigating the confusing world of Medicare. A Medicare Advisor will provide his or her clients with a more thorough review of Medicare to better understand Medicare options and benefits and will continue to serve you in the future after your enrollment in a plan.  Many Medicare Advisors provide annual follow-ups to their clients to assist in answering Medicare questions and help with reviewing any future Medicare plan changes.

So, should you use a Medicare Broker?  
I strongly recommend using a Medicare Broker who is also a Medicare Advisor. I especially encourage using a Medicare Broker and  Advisor if you are new to Medicare or do not have adequate knowledge of Medicare to make the best decisions for yourself.  

You can go to MyMedicareSearch.com for help.   
As a Medicare Broker-Advisor, I suggest you visit my website, MyMedicareSearch.com. Here, I share with you who I am and what I can do to help you understand Medicare and your Medicare options. On my website, you can apply for a Medicare card. Also, I will go into detail to help you better understand overall Medicare.  

Do-It-Yourself Search and Enrollment       
In addition to providing you with the opportunity to contact me to be your Medicare Broker and Advisor, here is a do-it-yourself site: https://www.planenroll.com/?purl=Hpd0mDCs to enable you to learn about Medicare, review your Medicare options, review plans based on your current health information, and compare up to three Medicare advantage plans side-by-side.

After finding a plan that best fits your needs and budget, you can use your computer to enroll directly with the Insurance company for your chosen plan. If you need help searching for or choosing a plan, or even with your plan enrollment, please call my telephone number for no-obligation assistance.  

Service Area  
Some Medicare Broker Agents serve many states, while others service only one state or local area. In the past, almost all Medicare agents and brokers serviced a specific area with a local agency and the ability to make house calls. With available Advanced Technology, many broker agents can now expand their services and are not limited by distance.

Using computers, laptops, tablets, and the Internet, personal services are now available without the need for the customer to travel to an agency or for an agent to travel to the customer’s home. It is now common for Medicare broker agents to serve many counties in the state and provide excellent service to their clients.

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Best Regards,
Don Rousseau


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